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My name is Neville Pettersson and DFQWL.com is my website. I’m a qualified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

I am married with 2 kids and am very passionate about making the world a healthier place, one article at a time. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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FDA Approved Diet Pills

There are a variety of different pills on the market that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the specific purpose of helping overweight and obese people to lose weight. Some of them have been on the market for quite some time, while others are newcomers. Each works in its own unique way, and the variety that is available makes weight loss a much more accessible reality for those who struggle with issues of being overweight.


Meridia is also known by its generic name, Sibutramine. It was marketed by the American drug manufacturer Abbott Laboratories, but it is no longer available in the United States market or many other markets around the world. The medication was originally prescribed as a treatment for obesity and being overweight, and was to be used in combination with caloric restriction and increased exercise.

How Does It Work?

The mechanism behind Meridia involved serotonin reuptake, the same mechanism that is used in many antidepressants. In the case of meridia, the medication gave its users a sensation of fullness, reducing appetite and the chance that people would take in more calories than they needed.

Who Sells It?

Although Meridia was initially marketed worldwide, in 2010 it was pulled from the market in the United States, and subsequently was also removed in such disparate places as China, Australia, Canada, the entire European Union, Hong Kong, Thailand, India and the entire United Kingdom. The reason that it is no longer being sold in those areas is that it has been shown to carry a high risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Side Effects

The medication has been a source of conflict since its release, with many researchers expressing concern about the dangers of cardiovascular events and stroke, as well as gastrointestinal disorders.


Phentermine is a weight loss drug that has been on the market for many years. It is an appetite suppressant that is considered to be most effective when combined with reduced caloric intake and exercise. It shares many of the same side effects as amphetamines, and has been said to be habit forming.

Who Sells It?

Phentermine is available in the United States as well as in most other countries. Because of the possibility of addiction, it is classified as a Schedule IV controlled substance, which means that both physicians and patients need to exercise caution because it can be habit forming.

Side Effects

Although for the most part phentermine is tolerated well, there are a number of side effects that have been recorded about it over the years. Nervousness, palpitations and high blood pressure, along with the possibility of addiction are the primary concerns, though there have been incidents of other side effects such as insomnia, tremors and shaking, and headaches.


Xenical is a weight loss drug that is used to treat obesity. It is marketed as a prescription medication under the brand name Orlistat, though in both the United States and the United Kingdom it can be purchased over the counter under its brand name Alli.  Alli gained a tremendous amount of attention when it was released in the United States, because although it is said to be remarkably effective, its side effects are both notable and memorable.

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How Does It Work?

Xenical works by breaking up the fat content in food and making it impossible for the body to absorb that fat. Although the benefits are obvious from a weight loss perspective, the outcome can be a little bit gross - the broken down fat enters the colon and exits relatively quickly, leaving many Alli users complaining of a total loss of control and oily bowel movements, or even oily releases of gas that have left stains on their clothing that have been quite embarrassing.

Who Sells It?

Xenical, whether by prescription as Orlistat or over the counter as Alli, is widely available in countries all around the world.

Side Effects

The side effects of Xenical have been largely limited to the impact of the broken down fat in the system - it has to go somewhere, and often results in very oily and loose stools, or even passages of gas that end up leaving oily stains on the clothing of those who take the medication. That side effect tends to be temporary, and can be minimized by eating foods that are lower in fat content; keeping the fat content of each meal below 15 grams of fat tends to make a very big difference. The manufacturer has responded to complaints about these side effects by indicating that the negative impact of eating too much fat should be instructive and is part of the overall goal of taking the medication - when people learn to take in less fat in order to minimize the side effect, they are learning about which foods they should be eating for when they are no longer on the medication.